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Business Management

Taiwan Fertilizer Company operational goals will be developed and fulfilled in accordance with the four-pronged business philosophy Of “cultivation”,“ consolidation”, “innovation ”and“ sustainability”. TFC has set the additional goals of profit growth, optimization competition and sustainability in order to enhanced cultivate core business, accelerate transformation, extend areas of business and innovative corporate style to ensure business continuity.

Through more than six decades, Taiwan Fertilizer Company walked through those arduous years along with Taiwan’s agriculture, jointly experiencing Taiwan’s economic miracle and its clamber to the international stage. Looking ahead, with intensified global competition and drastically changed operational circumstances, Taiwan Fertilizer Company will ineluctably face more severe challenges.

With “Fertilizing Taiwan” as its basic mission, all Taiwan Fertilizer Company employees will work together to pour vitality into the earth, participate in public welfare activities and establish an outstanding, evergreen enterprise model.

Together we will create a TFC generation with a new look and continued another six decades of magnificence.