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Board of Directors

Directors’ Biographies

Title Name Tenure Current position
Chairman Ministry of Agriculture Representative:
Suen-Zone Lee
Chairman , Taiwan Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
Director Ministry of Agriculture Representative:
Mei-Ling Fan
Chief Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture
Director Ministry of Agriculture Representative:
Ko-Yuan Tai
Xin Mei Florist Manager
Director Ministry of Agriculture Representative:
Jia-Fong Jhang
Oct.06,2023~Jul.27,2024Engineer, Occupational Safety and Health Division, Taichung Factory, TFC
Director Chi-Hung Tsao Jul.28,2021~Jul.27,2024
Chairman, Dawu Mountain Foundation; Independent Director, Sun Rise E&T Corporation
Independent Director Su-Ming LinJul.28,2021~Jul.27,2024
Professor, Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University
Independent Director Ming-Jang WengJul.28,2021~Jul.27,2024
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Economics, National Kaohsiung University
Independent Director Yen-Sheng HoJul.28,2021~Jul.27,2024
Associate Professor, Department of Real Estate and Built Environment, National Taipei University