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Company Profile

Taiwan Fertilizer company

Taiwan Fertilizer Co., Ltd. was founded on May 1, 1946. During the state-run period, it fully cooperated with government policies to produce and supply fertilizers needed for domestic agricultural development. It is the largest modern fertilizer production enterprise in my country. The share release was completed on September 1, 1999, and it was successfully transformed into a private company listed on the stock market. The Corporate Headquarters is in Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Taiwan Fertilizer's main business operations are in the fertilizer business and chemical industry. By providing high-quality products and services, it meets the all-round needs of farmers and customers. In addition, for making full use of the company's resources and extend its core competitiveness, it adopts a diversified business strategy and simultaneously develops real estate development and management businesses, deep ocean water (DOW) and biotechnology businesses. In response to comply with the international wave of carbon reduction and the 2050 net-zero emission policy, we are now actively promoting the fifth major clean energy business to gain innovative growth and achieve outstanding results in the three aspects of economy, environment and society.

Taiwan Fertilizer's main businesses and development axes are as follows

Fertilizer and chemical business

Fertilizer Business - Produces and sells ammonium sulfate, superphosphate, potassium chloride, compound fertilizer and other fertilizer products. It is the largest modern fertilizer production business in my country.

Chemical Business - Produces and sells nitric acid, sulfuric acid, sulfamate, imports and sells liquid ammonia, urea and other chemical products, and has branched out into the electronic-grade chemicals business.

Clean Energy Business - In response to the inclusion of hydrogen energy in the 12 key strategies of the net-zero emission path, two dedicated green ammonia storage tanks will be built at the Taichung plant in the future, and an ammonia-hydrogen cracking plant will be planned nearby, with a view to establishing Taiwan's ammonia energy industry chain and forming a hydrogen energy platform.

Real estate and investment business

Real estate development and management business - The former Nangang factory area has developed residential buildings, international tourist hotels, and commercial office buildings; the original Hsinchu factory area will be transformed into a science and technology business park to develop commercial real estate and residential buildings; the former Kaohsiung factory area will cooperate with the Kaohsiung City Government to promote the "Asia New Bay District" plan to develop a complex commercial and office area.

Deep ocean water (DOW) and biotechnology business - The land of the original Hualien factory area has been transformed into a deep ocean water park, which has successively promoted the development of deep ocean water and biotechnology related undertakings.