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Al-Jubail Fertilizer Company

Al-Jubail Fertilizer Company is a joint venture between Taiwan Fertilizer Company and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) in Saudi Arabia. Taiwan Fertilizer Company invests NT$3.05 billion and holds a 50% stake. Al-Jubail Fertilizer Company mainly produces urea, 2-EH, DOP etc., allowing Taiwan Fertilizer Company to grasp the source of urea imports and provide the raw materials required for the production of compound fertilizers.


Peifeng Technology & Fertilizer Co., Ltd. currently operates a nitrophosphate-based compound fertilizer plant, which mainly produces nitrophosphate organic compound fertilizer products, "HeyWon" series, in order to solve the shortage of fertilizer supply in the long-term peak season, meet the increasing domestic demand for compound fertilizers, and sell to overseas markets. Peifeng also promotes the chemical trade business and the Transportation and Storage business. After Peifeng completed the construction of the plant in July 2020, the company engages in the production of compound fertilizers and the chemical trade business. So far, its operation has been stable and shown very good performance.

Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Water Co., Ltd.

A 100% invested subsidiary of Taiwan Fertilizer Company, built the first-class advanced water intake equipment offshore area adjacent to the Hualien Factory of Taiwan Fertilizer Company, obtains precious and pure deep ocean water with a depth of 662 meters rich in more than 80 kinds of minerals and trace elements, and further refines it into high-quality packaged drinking water, functional health drinks, deep-ocean minerals health food, and deep-ocean water series skin care products. Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Water Co.,Ltd. also develops its application industries such as aquaculture, tourism and leisure by researching and the use of deep-ocean water. In addition, cooperating with the Group's strategic development, Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Water Co., Ltd. just acquired a subsidiary company to operate the commercial rental business of Taiwan Cultural Center in Ulaanbaatar city, the capital of Mongolia.


A 100% invested subsidiary of Taiwan Fertilizer Company, engaged in real estate management and development. It also manages two petrol stations respectively in Keelung and Miaoli, and keeps following the business strategy of real estate of TFC group.


MITAGRI is committed to expanding the international market for Taiwan's agricultural products. Through the establishment of post-harvest processing procedures to control quality, and to provide professional transportation services, MITAGRI has created a high-quality brand image of Taiwan's fruits and vegetables, and increased the export sales of agricultural products.


Founded in 2005,VISGENEER develop and produce biomedical products in the fields of “Medical Device”,“Cosmetics/Skin Care”,“Bacterial Fermentation”, and“Cancer Gene identification”.


Founded in 2002, BION TECH INC. (BTI) devote to agricultural biotechnology. BTI is engaged in the production of biological plant protection reagents (commonly known as biopesticides) and biofertilizer, which are marketed via BTI ’s extended sales network.

TaiAn Technologies Corporation

TaiAn Technologies is both a biotechnology service company that helps transfer breakthrough biotech/biomedical technologies into Taiwan and a management company for biotechnology venture capital funds. Its mission is to identify and transfer promising technologies from the portfolio companies of the fund into Taiwan and to help catapult the local healthcare related industries up to the global competitive levels.