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Chemical Products

Welcome to order these products from us. If you are interested,

please contact: Trading Department of TFC

Product Specification: Main Purpose:
Urea for Industrial 46 % N contents Resin, chemical industry, plywood, bamboo, wood, dyeing etc.
Melamine 99.8 % purity Burn-retardant, softener, metal cleaner, dyestuff, saccharine, food additive, analysis regent etc.
Sulfamic Acid 99.8 % purity Fire-retardant, softening agents, metal cleaner, dyestuff, electroplating, saccharine, analysis regent etc.
Anhydrous Ammonia 99.85% purity Monosodium glutamate, frozen, electronics, steel & iron, chemical industry etc.
Nitric Acid 64-66% purity Customized purity Treatment for metal, electroplating, dyestuff, chemical industry and general industrial use.
Sulfuric Acid 98.5% density For general chemical industry use.
Oleum 25% SO3 contents For general chemical industry use

Trading Department of TFC